Below are the links we'll be using in the May 12, 2012 workshop. Each should open in a new window so you won't have to keep finding this page again.

Today's Meet
  • Question: What are gifted kids' intellectual and academic needs?

Poll Everywhere
  • Register for an educator account.
  • Create a poll based on something you're currently teaching.

Primary Pad
  • One person in the group starts the page.
  • That person paste the URL in Today's Meet.
  • Everyone else navigates to the page by copy and pasting the URL into your address window.
  • Individually take notes in the document.
  • As a group, categorize the notes.


  • Search for an article on differentiation.
  • Copy the URL in the address bar. (Highlight, then Ctrl-C)
  • Paste the URL in Tagxedo box. (Ctrl-V)
  • Play with the layouts.
  • Compare your results with your neighbor's.

  • Find a graphic organizer to compare two things.
  • Find a graphic organizer for multiple perspectives.
  • Find a graphic organizer for SCAMPER.
  • Find a graphic organizer to use with your students next week.
  • Edit or create a graphic organizer.

Diagramming Free Play

Multimedia Timelines
  • You can read more about them in thisarticle.
    • Tiki-Toki(requires registration - 1 timeline is free)
    • XTimeline(requires registration - completely free)
    • TimeGlider (requires registration - 3 timelines free) - really cool New York Timestimeline generator (no reg required)
    • Time Toast(requires registration to create - free)
    • TimeRime(requires registration to create - free)
    • Dipity (requires registration - free)
  • Choose an application and search for timelines related to what you're currently teaching.
  • Register and create a short timeline. (Could be a topic about which you're studying or a history of you)
  • Try it out!
  • iPad Apps
    • ScreenChomp
      • free.
      • no "gallery"
      • share via email, Facebook, Twitter, or copy link
    • ShowMe
      • free
      • search posted "ShowMe's" by topic and subject area (in app or online)
      • "Like" presentations to bookmark
      • share via email, Facebook, Twitter, or copy link
      • post to friends within ShowMe or publicly in ShowMe

Content Resources
Check out one of the resources that is closest to what you teach/support

Blogs to Follow

  • #gtchat- global conversation about gifted education, 6 pm CST (US) Fridays
  • Check out the handout for suggested folks to follow and articles on Twitter.

Productivity Tools
  • Dropbox
    • Cloud product
    • Creates folder on each device and on web to save "stuff" (files, pictures, presentations, video, etc.)
    • Updates whenever wifi is available
    • Allows you to access the folders from any device or the web
    • Free for first 2.25 GB of storage (can get up to 16GB through referrals)
    • You can make folders public or share folders - you have complete control over sharing
    • [Disclosure - if you use the link above to signup for your own free account, we both get 500MB additional space free]
  • Evernote
    • Cloud product
    • Notetaking application that can be loaded and access from multiple devices
    • Take text notes, audio notes, clib web sites, photos, etc.
    • Saves notes in various "notebooks" you set up
    • Free
    • You can share pieces and parts for collaboration
    • Searchable
    • Several additional products are available with the same idea
      • Evernote Peek creates flashcard type activities on iPad
  • Splashtop
    • Allows you to remote into any computer that you set up on the account (with wifi access)
    • Whiteboard app turns an iPad into an interactive whiteboard
    • Whiteboard app is about $20

For the independent study folks: