Below are the links we'll be using in the fall workshops. Each should open in a new window so you won't have to keep finding this page again.

October 25, 2011

Today's Meet
  • Question: What are gifted kids' intellectual and academic needs?

Poll Everywhere
  • Register for an educator account.
  • Create a poll based on something you're currently teaching.

Primary Pad
  • One person in the group starts the page.
  • That person paste the URL in Today's Meet.
  • Everyone else navigates to the page by copy and pasting the URL into your address window.
  • Individually take notes in the document.
  • As a group, categorize the notes.

November 15, 2011

  • Search for an article on differentiation.
  • Copy the URL in the address bar. (Highlight, then Ctrl-C)
  • Paste the URL in Tagxedo box. (Ctrl-V)
  • Play with the layouts.
  • Compare your results with your neighbor's.

Great Books for Gifted Kids Wiki
  • Option 1
    • Choose a book with an existing page.
    • Add to the page.
  • Option 2
    • Choose a listed book without an existing page.
    • Create a page based on the template described on the home page.
  • Create a mindmap of the tools we've used so far

Mindmapping Free Play

  • Find a graphic organizer to compare two things.
  • Find a graphic organizer for multiple perspectives.
  • Find a graphic organizer for SCAMPER.
  • Find a graphic organizer to use with your students next week.
  • Edit or create a graphic organizer.

Diagramming Free Play

December 6, 2011

  • Search for timelines related to what you're currently teaching.
  • Register and create a short timeline. (Could be a topic about which you're studying or a history of you)
  • Try it out!

Video Resources

Blogs to Follow

For the independent study folks:
  • Weebly - free web site creater
  • TED Talks - incredible source for videos by experts and innovators in a WIDE range of fields
  • RSA Animate - animated sketching that enhanced fascinating lectures
  • Library 2 Play: 23 Things - blog independent study on 23 web 2.0 tools
  • Find some tools to add to our list. Add them below.